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I am a graduate holding the degree of B.Sc with Major in Computer Science with over 20 years of experience with many different flavors of UNIX including Oracle Solaris OS but am now easing into the world of Linux. I am presently working for the University of Manitoba. I am the past Secretary for the Manitoba Geocaching Assocication, the past Treasurer of the Manitoba Repeater Society and Past President of the University of Manitoba Amateur Radio Society.

Puddy's Window Perch

2010 Flood pics of the farm!

2009 Flood pics of the farm!


I have many hobbies which include Amateur Radio, Geocaching, and marshalling for the Manitoba Ice Racing series put on by the Winnipeg Sports Car Club. And for those of you out there who don't know what Ice Racing is, "It's cars on ice! What did you think it was?"

I am a member of South Central Manitoba ARES, the Manitoba Geocaching Association and the University of Manitoba Amateur Radio Society. I am also a weather spotter for Environment Canada under thier CANWARN project (CANadian Weather Amateur Radio Network).

Some of the many Amateur Radio events I have partaken in are Emergency communications for the Manitoba Marathon and the 2000 Pan-Am Marathon, communications for the St. Malo Triathalon, ARRL VHF contest and of course the ARRL Field Day. During the Flood of '97 I was down in Morris, Manitoba helping Gord, VE4GLS, staff the Morris ARES Station.

Flood of '97 ARES Station in Morris!

I have setup an Automatic Packet/Postion Reporting System (APRS). Click here to see my station position!

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