2022 Gordon Snarr Farm flooding April 30, 2022

Hwy 75 closes at north end of the town of Morris at the Morris River bridge.

Driving to town the long way now. North up the closed section of Hwy 75 to this barricade at PTR 205. Then we head across the Red river into Aubigny, MB and turn south on the newly paved section of St. Mary's Road (PTR 246) to Hwy 23 and then west into Morris over the Red river bridge. it now takes almost as long to get to Morris as it down to Winnipeg.

The closing of the town of Morris ring dike on the north side of town on Hwy 75 at the Morris river. Looking north from Main street inside the town of Morris.

Driving to and from our yard on the closed northbound lanes of Hwy 75 because the southbound lanes are in much need to replacement as they are far beyond reapir.

Town of Morris closing ring dike over Hwy 75 at the Morris River. Looking south from Hwy 75.

Bridge on east service road of Hwy 75 between Road 26N (PTR 330) and Road 27N.

Looking at our yard from the east serivce road of Hwy 75 over the flooding coulee from Red river backup. Flood waters are just starting to touch the north side of our ring dike.

Last updated May 12, 2022