2022 Gordon Snarr Farm flooding May 1, 2022

We closed our culvert April 29, 2022 and started pumping snowmelt and rain water out.

Our 2 pump setup that Gord has been maning every 1-2 hours since they were setup. Left is an older 2 inch Macleods pump that Gord just rebuild the carburetor on and on the right is a Honda 3 inch pump that also needed a little TLC to get working.

A look at Lake Snarr from the top of our ring dike looking east at the Red river in the far tree line. The outside of our dike culvert is not all the way under yet.

The outide of our ring dike culvert is closed now but is not fully under yet.

Gord is unrolling the hose of a 3rd pump (Honda 3 inch) that we picked up from the RM of Morris as our 2 pumps were not keeping up!

The water backing up inside our ring dike.

Gord watching the 3rd pump start. Now he has 3 to manage every 1-2 hours 7x24!

Water is now on the Morris river bridge on Hwy 75 at the north end of the town of Morris and has flooded the Morris cemetery. Looking south from the closed section of Hwy 75.

Riverview Golf Course just north of the town of Morris. Cary shed with the open doors is not flooding yet but getting close. Clubhouse is high and dry.

Last updated May 13, 2022