2022 Gordon Snarr Farm flooding May 4, 2022 - Continued

Looking southest at Hwy 75 east service road bridge between Road 26N and Road 27N. Only the 2 sign posts marking the edges of the bridge are now above water.

Went and picked up a submerisible electric 3 inch pump from Canaidan Dewatering yesterday. After gathing parts, Gord has added a float to automatically start and stop the pump. Automation is great!

Electic pump is sunk into an old metal pail with holes punched in around the bottom to help keep flood debris out of the pump.

Looking east towards the Red river in the far tree line from the top of our ring dike. Flood stick on left hand side.

Looking noetheast from the top of our ring dike over out dike culvert. Cut tree island has floated off to the north and there is about 3 feet of water above the top of our dike culvert outlet now.

Gord is draining and removing the 3 inch Honda pump we have from the RM of Morris to move it to the Southern Snarr's yard next door to help pump out their ring dike. We no longer need it and are relying on the electric submerable with the our 2 gas pumps for added capacity as needed.

Gord went out and saved our portable snow fence from the flood waters rising from the east side of the yard. it was a bit muddy!

Gord still needs to go resuce our second portable snow fence as the waters are backing up around from the west side of the yard now. He rescued them the next day.

Last updated May 15, 2022