2022 Gordon Snarr Farm flooding May 8, 2022

Looking south from northbound lanes of Hwy 75 close to Road 17N. Southbound lanes are under from here all the way to the Morris dike.

Looking north along the northbound lanes of Hwy 75 close to Road 29N. Not much more rise and we will be living on an island.

Looking north along the southbound lanes of Hwy 75 near Road 29N. Flood already over these lanes. Personally, I think it's an improvement!

Another treasure rescued from the flood debris. and the golf balls were just enough weight to make this pail a stable raft in the water and keep it upright!

Pail was 1/3 full of old golf balls.

Nice leopard frog I almost ran over on Road 27N (Snarr road). At least someone likes all this water!

Last updated May 15, 2022