2022 Gordon Snarr Farm flooding May 10, 2022

May 9, 2022 we became and island and move my little green car out to higher ground at Hwy 75 and Road 30N.

Looking west along our mailbox road from east service road of Hwy 75. Water is over this road now so we have only one access in and out of the yard to the south. Mail delivery stopped May 9, 2022.

Looking west from the top of our ring dike along our mailbox road to the east service road of Hwy 75.

Looking northwest from Hwy 75 northbound lanes over southbound lanes just north of Road 29N. Flood debris has made it over the southbound lanes and is piling up on the northbound lanes now.

Flooding northbound lanes of Hwy 75 between Road 29N and 30N. This is cutting off road access for us making Snarr Island.

A closer look at the new parking lot at Road 30N over the flooded northbound lanes of Hwy 75. Flood waters flowing from west to east towards the Red River. Neighbours red SUV and my little green car parked on high ground. That's our transportation beyond the island should we boat off the island.

Looking south along northbound lanes of Hwy 75 just south of Road 27N. Rain and winds are pushing more flood debris up onto the highway.

More beachcombing resulted in an orange strap saver, blue parts bin, wine making pail and lid, and another 6x6 pressure treated post to add to the collection

Last updated May 15, 2022