2022 Gordon Snarr Farm flooding May 14, 2022

Between May 12 and May 13, 2022 a very large storm rolled through with near constant winds gusting to over 90km/hr and waves swells to over a meter high causing lots of damage to Hwy 75 and other roads.

Looking west along Road 27N (Snarr Road) towards Hwy 75. Looks like our access to Hwy 75 has survived the storm with only some flood debris blown onto it.

Barricade #1 that came from Hwy 75 at the 330 junction one mile south of us. Stuck in mud under flood waters in field south of Road 27N and east of Hwy 75 east service road. Wave action in the sotrm blew/floated 3 barricades off the flooded Hwy northbound lanes.

Barricade #2 that came from Hwy 75 northbound lanes at junction of 330 one mile south. Storm blew/floated these off the Hwy to us. This one is located at the corner of Road 27N (Snarr Road) and the east service road of Hwy 75.

Barricade #3 and old tire with rim floating in the flood debris being pushed up on Road 27N (Snarr Road) and the Southern Snarr's dike.

Even parts of traffic cones floating in.

Gord looking at the damage to Hwy 75 northbound lanes after the storm. The eastern shoulder is very compromised.

Looking north along Hwy 75 northbound lanes betweem Road 29N and Road 30N at what is left of the guard rails over the McTavish drain box culverts. The box culverts on the southbound lanes were replaced this past winter but we know the ones under the northbound lanes are in great need of replacement. Hopefully they don't collapse.

Looking south along the east shoulder of Hwy 75 northbound lanes. That's a lot of wave action to cause this damage!

Looking north along east shoulder of Hwy 75 northbound lanes at the damage done by the recent storm. This is between Road 29N and 30N and looking over the McTavish drain with box culverts going under the highway.

Last updated May 15, 2022