2022 Gordon Snarr Farm flooding May 16, 2022

Weather was nice enough today that we could go on a 3 hour tour which included boating about 3/4 of a mile to get off and back on our island.

Loading our goods from Morris including FJ parts, tractor parts, a week's worth of mail and some groceries for the return trip home. Located off east service road of Hwy 75 south of Road 30N.

Waiting for the car to be put back in its drier parking spot at Road 30N.

Gord is moving the boat along the Hwy 75 eastern ditch to deeper water.

Loaded and ready to head home with little car in the distance behind us. Eastern ditch of Hwy 75 south of road 30N.

Boating south along the eastern ditch of Hwy 75 towards Road 29N. The strong currents of the McTavish drain are ahead of us.

Under here lies one of 2 sets of the McTavish drain box culverts going under Hwy 75. Wire guard rail for both sets of box culverts on eastern side of northbound lanes has fallen in with the shoulder collapse. This is one of them.

Strong waterfall of flood waters going over the Hwy 75 northbound lanes between Road 29N and 30N. This is why we are still boating.

Oh MTS! We have a problem! MTS pedistal must have lost it's cover in the recent storm. Located in eastern Hwy 75 ditch near Road 29N.

A different prespective of the Hwy 75 northbound lane shoulder damage caused by waves created by strong storm winds recently.

Our truck and boat trailer still where we left them on our island near Road 29N and eastern Hwy 75 service road.

Back on dry land and getting ready to load the boat up for the 2 mile trip home. Road 29N Hwy 75 crossing.

Back on our island again!

Last updated May 16, 2022