2022 Gordon Snarr Farm flooding May 25, 2022

Looking south east from Road 27N and Road 5E which is 1 mile west of Hwy 75. Southern Snarr yard is visible on the left hand side in the distance.

Looking west along Road 27N towards Road 5E. Water still going over Rosad 27N just west Road 5E. Sarrasin's yard in distance.

Looking south towards town of Morris from Road 27N between 5E and Hwy 75.

Looking north west from Road 27N between Road 5E and Hwy 75. Old Evergreen nursery in distance middle.

Looking east along Road 27N from Road 5E towards Hwy 75. Northern and southern Snarr's yard in distance with Snarr tree closer.

Looking north west from Road 27N close to Road 6E and Hwy 75 at the Snarr tree.

Looking north at town of Morris northern ring dike across Hwy 75. Starting to lower the dike even though there is still 3-4 feet of water on the Morris river bridge on the other side of the dike here. South and west town access may also be coming down.

Last updated May 26, 2022