2022 Gordon Snarr Farm flooding May 26, 2022

Looking west from Hwy 75 southbound lanes at water still flowing from north to south over Hwy 330.

Looking south long the southbound lanes of Hwy 75 close to hwy 330 junction. Huge log across both lanes and other flood debris.

Another road sign at the junction of Hwy 75 and 330 taken out by wave action.

Looking east across Hwy 75 northbound lanes at junction with Hwy 330.

Looking north along Hwy 75 southbound lanes between Road 27N and 26N( 330 Junction). Lots of gravel and bits of asphalt dominate the flood debris.

Looking east from the east service road of Hwy 75 along the coulee on the north side of our yard. Water is slowly retreating from our dike on the north and west sides but there is a lot of water still to come through here from the west side of Hwy 75.

Looking east along our mailbox road towards our yard. From this angle it looks normal but those fields are still very wet. Mail delivery resumed on Tues May 24, 2022.

Looking west from the top of our ring dike along our mailbox road. The bright sun is making the wet layer of silt shine. Silt layer needs to dry and crack before the mud underneath can dry.

Looking east from our ring dike towards the Red river in the far tree line. Bathtub rings are appearing but not our dike culvert outlet yet.

Last updated May 26, 2022