2022 Gordon Snarr Farm flooding May 28, 2022

Flood debris is starting to be cleared off the northbound lanes of Hwy 75 between Road 27N and 26N (330) today.

3 CAT skid steers at work piling debris and loading trucks.

CP rail working on fixing their rail line from Morris north to Hwy 205. This is by Hwy 330 where it turns north. Cars full of ballast and workers running convenys to move ballast from car to car towards the back of the train.

CP rail line being fixed. Ballast being feed to back of train and dumped onto the tracks. Looking from Hwy 330 close to Hwy 75.

Another CP rail machine leveling off the ballast. Looking from Hwy 330 close to Hwy 75.

Can get up closer to the Morris river bridge on Hwy 75 but not quite close enough yet.

Old barn just south of the Riverview Golf course shows the high water mark. Also another MTS pedistal has lots it's head in the flood.

Riverview Golf Course cart shed has taken lots of damage again. This is the source of most of our flood treasures/debris that is non-plant based.

Hwy 23 west of the Town of Morris is open again. Here crews are working on putting the railway siding back and cleaning up the ring dike.

South of the town of Morris there is still a very big Red sea. This is looking west along Road 21N from Hwy 75.

Hwy 75 south of the town of Morris is open again. Only closure now is Hwy 75 north of Morris.

Looking north along Hwy 75 from the top of the Morris ring dike. Still 3-4 feet of water on the bridge here.

The Welcome to Morris sign on the north end of town has gathered some flood debris of its own.

Looking south down the east service road of Hwy 75 at the bridge between Road 27N and 26N (330). Water almost off the top of the bridge deck.

Last updated May 30, 2022