2022 Gordon Snarr Farm flooding June 5, 2022

This is Gnewman, a gnome that is from one of my geocaches called the Secret Farm of Gnome. A secret mushroom farm located on a triangle piece of our land that was cut off from our main fields by the CN rail line. It is located off Road 5E close to Road 27N. This was one of the caches I could not get to in time to save from the flood so the cache, the clump of mushrooms I just repainted last summer and Gnewman floated away. Gord found Gnewman one mile north and 2.5 miles east close the Red River. He had traveled over the CN rail line and across Hwy 75 to get there. He took some nose and toes damage in his travels.

Looking south along the eastern Hwy 75 ditch from Road 27N. They came and finished the flood debris clean up here.

Looking north along Road 5E from Road 27N. The road is partially washed out and into the ditch!

Looking north along Road 5E at the railway crossing between Road 28M and 27N. The triangle field here is where Gnewman was at the beginning of the flood.

East service road of Hwy 75 between Road 27N and 26N (330). The geese have taken over.

Looking east at eastern service road bridge of Hwy 75 between Road 27N and 26N (330). There is space under the bridge again.

Morris cemetery is slowly rising above water again.

Looking south at the Morris river bridge on Hwy75. Mud and flood debris has been removed from the bridge. Track hoe ready to start tearing down the berm.

Still lots of huge logs piled at the side of Hwy 75 that need to be cleared off.

Gord out trying to burn off very soggy flood debris in an effort to help dry the fields.

This sign traveled about 1.5 miles north from where it was originally. Now located at Road 28N by the southbound lanes of Hwy 75.

Last updated June 7, 2022